China Virus

The Truth Behind the China Virus

The China Virus To promote fear globally that made almost every other country in the world take similar actions while also destroying their economies. Destroying global economies was the goal behind releasing the bioweapons – The China Virus. I will explain quickly… Back in early 2019, China’s economy was tanking. The CCP was constantly bailing […]

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We Accept Your Challenge

If Antifa suffers the illusion that it will be a cake-walk to terrorize local neighborhoods, they might want to rethink it. You will be challenged and prevented from accomplishing your mission.

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Covid Deaths

14 Leading Causes of Death in America

On Friday, August 28th, the US Center for Disease Control quietly released its statistics on the number of COVID deaths. The number of people who died FROM Covid-19 was 9,210!

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Italian Doctor Speaks Out on Vaccines and Covid-19

Make no mistake folks. We are at war. This Italian doctor is of the opinion that if we are tricked into taking the COVID test, then we will be marked for death.

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Google Censorship

How Google Controls What You Think

Clearly the world is changing fast. You are NOT going to get accurate results from Google anymore. You’ll get only what their political masters want you to see. We are going to need to change this after Trump resumes his second term.

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Big Government

Is It Time To Start Blaming The Political System?

I say, good for Laura for taking a stance. We have moved beyond the efficacy of localized protests. It is time we started throwing out governments and their politicians who feel they should run the narrative. Our government should be run for the people and by the people.

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