COVID – The End Game

COVID – The End Game

It was never about health or safety. It has always been about finding a way to control and manipulate populations.  Progressives inherently possess a pathological need to exercise power and control over others. This is not an opinion. It is fact. Look at who seeks power in any given political system. I mean, REALLY look. Go back decades. Look at governments, boards, committees, clubs, and organizations.  

It seems like its always politicians, teachers, lawyers, and others of that ilk that run for office to obtain power. Have you ever met a lawyer or teacher without an agenda-driven opinion?  

As the historical cycle goes, it is only after progressives completely ruin things that a conservative government gets forced to govern. And they don't often last very long because they don't want to control others. They generally want happy and peaceful lives, but every decade or so, they are forced out of hiding to go fix messes created by progressives.  Progressives can go apoplectic upon reading this.. but please…go have your little hissy fits.. but remember, if you just read history, you'll see that I'm correct. 

The COVID hoax was useful, however.  It enabled society to compile a rather lengthy list of passive and controllable citizens.  These are the citizens just dumb enough to listen to progressives in power who suffered the illusion that, for example, masks would help protect them from Covid-19.

In fact, masks only made it worse for all who wore them. First, it put their diminishing intellect on display for the entire world to record, and secondly, it did all things you'd want to do to if your intention was to crush your immune system and make yourself weaker and sicker. 

The COVID hoax was the Globalist's last effort to hold on to power and control… and they failed.  Not only did we defeat the disease in record time, despite global efforts to suppress the most effective and prolific cure, but we can now see that most of the world has acquired herd immunity. Add to this the fact that we are just weeks away from a vaccine to put an end to it all.  

So while the Global TV, CBC, and the rest of the FAKE media continue to try to hold your focus upon the false narrative about COVID, the story is already over.  The movie has ended. You are watching the credits at this point.  And we know who the stars were!

The outdated structure of the mainstream media, which tries to torture us daily with stories of fear and horror, needs to pass into oblivion quickly.  As they report “breaking news” you should realize that most of us heard that news days ago on social media. The world will move forward despite mainstream media's best efforts to subvert the truth.

Ask yourself why the mainstream media always talks about the “number of cases” every single day! The fact is that there are more flu cases, more cancer deaths, more abortions, and more deaths from improperly prescribed drugs than there are from COVID-19.

The media chose to focus on this one single flu in an effort to bring down world economies so that globalists could retain power.  The media will be the last ones to wake up because they don't follow the truth and they have no interest in waking up.  They follow the agenda laid out for them by their progressive overlords.  

That is why two years from now, most of the current mainstream media will be gone or bankrupt. They know it.  They are already talking about it in their boardrooms.  Sadly for the Globalists, there were enough of us who were awake and able to do our own research to quickly identify the subversive agenda.  It's over kids.  Live with it. 

And ironically, as I put the finishing touches on this article, the British Columbia NDP just dissolved the provincial government and will hold a provincial election on October the 24th.  This only proves my points.  The NDP was never about you and me. They were about power and control. 

Covid The End Game

The NDP couldn't get along with the Greens, which meant they were unable to force their true agenda – and so they are folding the tent and praying that there are enough sheep still left in the passive herd of provincial citizens to give them the mandate to carry on.

This is incredibly bad timing for the NDP.  Four major US pharmaceutical companies are about to announce they have a vaccine for COVID-19. The world has reached herd immunity and cases are dropping to zero in many countries.  I have a feeling this is not going to play well for them.   

The NDP might also consider that the BC population is not easily controlled. For one thing, the indigenous population has never been easily fooled by traditional political baffle-gab. Today, they are astute business leaders who will be a force to reckon with moving forward. Along with conservatives, they may see this as the ideal opportunity to shut down globalist plans to destroy our way of life here in BC. It's truly going to be an interesting time from now through mid-November.

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