COVID19 – When Was The Plan Hatched?


We have a huge problem in the world today. For over 100 years, conservatives have just wanted to live their lives with enjoyment and peace. They quietly run their businesses, take care of their families, and enjoy a wide range of leisure and hobby activities.

The problem arises when conservatives assume that everyone else what this same enjoyment from life. How wrong we were! Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016 we have learned that liberals/progressives are NOT cut from the same cloth. They are demonstrably motivated by power, money, and control as you will soon see.

To discover just how we got into this position, you need to first take a peek at the the Judy Mikovitz situation. You'll see who Dr. Judy was systematically alienated from the medical system and vilified by the extremist progressive elements in society so that her research would never see the light of day.

Following the Mikovitz video, we will systematically expose every radical progressive power-play that is designed to take ownership of the world and to hold you down. Make no mistake: The radical progressive left hates the American way of life, and they hate you.

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