How Google Controls What You Think

In my early career, back in the days just after Google launched, I made my career by learning how to use the Google Search Engine fully. People would ask me stuff at work, and in twenty minutes, I had answers for them. I never told them how I did it. They just considered me to be a genius.

All I did was leverage the power of a billion other people who had blogged about their problems and issues, and about what they did to fix them. These were the good old days.

Today we have a very different picture. Regarding the Corona Virus issue, I suspect that the big money behind this plandemic are the ones controlling things as well in Big Tech. Most of the world today goes to Google when they have a problem to solve. But are you getting the truth?

Thanks to Google's proclivity to lean to the extreme left, they like to control the narrative, and they make it possible by only showing you the answers that they want you to see. Here is a prime example. This website was established last week for the sole purpose of making the truth about COVID-19 available to everyone. Do you think that this is what Google wants you to see? Let's take a look.

Here is a Google search for “Corona Naturals”:

Google Results

You can see that where was 2.3 million results for this term. And despite the fact that I own the domain, I don't show at the top of the results. In fact, you won't find me on the first ten pages at least! Instead, you find this globalist drivel in the search results. It's all designed to control you and what you think.

Now let's take a look at the Bing Search Results for “Corona Naturals:

Bing Results

Right off the bat, you can see that someone's losing ground here! Bing has over 51.7 million results, compared to Google's 2.3 Million. I am ranked in the first three spots! This tells us that Google is doing one hell of a lot of censoring! One has to wonder what is contained in the 49.4 million search results that were screened out by Google!

The most worrisome aspect of the subversive behavior is that if Google can do this to simple information about COVID, imagine what they could do to sway a dumbed-down electorate toward the party of riots, open borders, abortions, slavery, and globalist corruption!

Clearly the world is changing fast. You are NOT going to get accurate results from Google anymore. You'll get only what their political masters want you to see. We are going to need to change this after Trump resumes his second term.

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