Is It Time To Start Blaming The Political System?

It's one thing to protest against big tech for their subversive behavior as they act to support radically fascist democrats, or to march on corporations to demand they stop poisoning our water systems, our land, and our drugs!

However, at some point, one must wonder how it is that so many of these entities just keep on going no matter what we do. It's common knowledge today that if you want to solve a problem, 96% of people will go straight to Google to find the answer. Try entering “Does Hydroxychloroquine work for Covid-19” and you will soon see that the only answers that appear are only the ones that Google wants you to see. Despite the testimony, clinical trials, and evidence from hundreds of doctors all over the world, you will not find their testimony anywhere in a google search.

You are held intellectually captive by a system that controls all of the media, all of the Big Tech, and all access resources. You are force-fed only the information they want you to know. Those who step forward and find their way to the surface with new information or truths that are deemed harmful to the best interests of the power-brokers are swiftly dealt with.

Laura Loomer

Take Laura Loomer, for example. Ms. Loomer was just one of us. She didn't like who big tech was censoring conservative voices and so she chose to protest. Loomer marched on Google, Facebook, and Twitter – going straight to their headquarters. She peacefully demanded answers, but was met with corporate security and thrown off the property. Loomer was banned from every tech platform in the country. Her Facebook account – terminated! Her Twitter Account – terminated. What did Laura do about this? We could all learn from her. Laura decide to run for Congressional office in the 21st district on Florida, winning in a landslide.

You can imagine that if Laura forms part of the government after November 3rd, she might end up with some influence in an oversight committee responsible for the FCC or FTC! That thought must leave BIG TECH crapping their pants.

Immediately after her victory, the failing and fascist Washington Post describes Laura as a far-right Republican candidate banned from social media for her racist and anti-muslim stance. This is what I'm talking about. All Laura ever did was ASK QUESTIONS! Those who received the questions felt the answers would make them look bad, and so they immediately labeled Loomer as a racist and hate monger. For the sick and twisted left, any speech that they don't like is considered HATE speech.

I say, good for Laura for taking a stance. We have moved beyond the efficacy of localized protests. It is time we started throwing out governments and their politicians who feel they should run the narrative. Our government should be run for the people and by the people.

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