Italian Doctor Speaks Out on Vaccines and Covid-19

Italian Doctor Speaks the Truth

Make no mistake folks. We are at war. This Italian doctor is of the opinion that if we are tricked into taking the COVID test, then we will be marked for death. We already know that Bill Gates is a eugenicist. Globalists think it's okay to kill those of us who they deem worthless. We disagree and will act accordingly. Watch the video and make up your own mind.

Editor's Note: If you are a globalist, I'm not sure why you are even here, but if you are interested in the truth then listen up. We are NOT anti-vaxers. Don't bother trying to label us as such. I would love to have a proper vaccine. I just have some conditions.

  • Since Pharma research is funded by public money, then I expect that when a vaccine is developed, we the people who paid for its development should receive the vaccine at cost + an agreed-upon margin.
  • The vaccine must be fully tested on animals first, then with human trials to follow.
  • The vaccine cannot contain mercury
  • The vaccine cannot contain aluminum
  • The vaccine cannot contain any fetal tissue whatsoever
  • The vaccine cannot contain any animal viruses, as did the poliovirus developed by Dr. Maurice Hillemon – which contained SV40 and Aids
  • The vaccine cannot contain any animal DNA or RNA
  • The vaccine cannot contain any harmful adjuvants
  • The vaccine must pass the approval of a citizens health board which is NOT appointed by any elected body
  • The government must remove all liability protections that you currently enjoy for the development of vaccines.

Show me a proven and safe vaccine, and you will have a customer. Until then, you will get nowhere trying to force the population to buy this line of marketing.

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