14 Leading Causes of Death in America

Leading Causes of Death in America

On Friday, August 28th, the US Center for Disease Control quietly released its statistics on the number of COVID deaths.  The number of people who died FROM Covid-19 was 9,210! And of those 9,210 people, 83% (7,600 people) died in seniors care homes where Democratic governors insisted that infectious COVID patients be held. Governor Cuomo should be very worried right now.

The total number of COVID deaths is equal to 19% of the tenth leading cause of death, not including medical malfeasance, drug overdoses, or murders!

Leading Causes of Death In America

  1. Heart disease – 653,260 – No pandemic
  2. Abortions – 623,000 – No Pandemic
  3. Cancer – 598,038 – No pandemic
  4. Wrongfully Prescribed Medications – 250,000 No pandemic
  5. Accidents 161,364  – No pandemic
  6. Chronic respiratory Illness 154,596 – No pandemic
  7. Stroke – 142,142 – No pandemic
  8. Alzheimer's – 116,103 – No pandemic
  9. Diabetes – 80,058 – No pandemic
  10. Pneumonia – 51, 537 – No pandemic
  11. Kidney Disease – 50,046  – No pandemic
  12. Suicide – 44,965 – No pandemic
  13. Murder – 19,000 – No Pandemic
  14. Pain Killer Overdoses – 15,000 – No Pandemic

??. COVID-19 – 9,210 – WORLD PANDEMIC!

Some History

Nearly 72,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year, according to preliminary data released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — an increase of 5 percent from 2018. This is according to preliminary data from the CDC.

Fentanyl Deaths

In 1995, the deadliest year of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, 43,000 Americans lost their lives to the virus. Was there a pandemic?

In 1972, the heyday of the Ford Pinto and nadir of automotive safety in the country, 55,000 died in car accidents.

The entire Vietnam War claimed 58,000 American lives.


When you consider these numbers in perspective, and also consider that for COVID-19 the medical industry is deliberately withholding or suppressing from its citizens the most tested and most effective cure for this disease – Hydroxychloroquine, then one can only conclude there is a political motive to this matter.  

Any way you shake it, this factor adds “political motive” to this madness, and will most certainly lead to the greatest legal challenges the medical industry will ever face.

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Why Are There So Many Sheeple Who Swallowing The Deep State Lies?

We are in an information age. It is estimated that about 90% of people today rush to Google to do their fact-checking. That presents a huge problem for those who rush to google to find out what's going on. In my article “Who Controls the Narrative“, I point out the monstrous discrepancy between fiction and reality. In the example that I cite, google actively suppresses over 49 million search results for a single search term.

In a test I did for this very site, for example, I searched “Corona Naturals”.

  • Google showed 2.3 million search results
  • Bing showed 51.7 million search results
  • Yippy.com showed 121 million search results

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many of the BIG TECH companies are heavily controlled by Deep State forces. So too is Wikipedia. The once named “Encyclopedia of the Internet” is now wholly-owned and controlled by those who have a special interest in suppressing the truth and making only the propaganda information available to you. Backed by their partners in mainstream media, they seek to own and control all channels for narrative and information.

One of two things MUST happen to fix this. Either mankind learns to increase its IQ, or someone forces mainstream media to be accountable for telling the truth. Without these changes, we are heading to A full-on Civil War.

If you find yourself annoyed at this post as it exposes the lead causes of death, then you need to take a long look in the mirror. Ask yourself which country would best suit your peculiar political needs? At the same time, if you find yourself hating a system that exposes corruption at the highest levels, then you should just renew your passport and move to that country of your choice. You aren't wanted here in our America, and you certainly won't be missed.