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David Icke

David Icke Takes Them Down!

This video of David Icke was flagged for me by a close friend. It bears watching and watching again and being shared everywhere. I've said it many times before. We are at war and we are going to crush them.

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CDC Throws In the Towel

Patriots on this site have known this for a long time, but finally, the numbers have become just too ubiquitous to squelch. Today the CDC threw in the town on COVID-19. It may take some time for this news to filter down and ruin the day for so many fascist democrats. It is what it is. We told you so.

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Amazing Polly

Polly Shreds Kevin Roose

I have never seen a better researcher than Amazing Polly. She absolutely rocks! Watch her here absolutely shred this idiot reporter, Kevin Roose.

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Google Censorship

How Google Controls What You Think

Clearly the world is changing fast. You are NOT going to get accurate results from Google anymore. You'll get only what their political masters want you to see. We are going to need to change this after Trump resumes his second term.

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Big Government

Is It Time To Start Blaming The Political System?

I say, good for Laura for taking a stance. We have moved beyond the efficacy of localized protests. It is time we started throwing out governments and their politicians who feel they should run the narrative. Our government should be run for the people and by the people.

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Pandemic Wonderful for Billionaires!

The time has come to stop protesting events and corporations. It is time to start throwing out governments. We can no longer tolerate elected officials that just keep on lining their pockets year after year.

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Plandemic – The Movie

Dr. Judy Mikovitz was ostracized and run out of town by Doctor Fauci. Ultimately Fauci got her jailed for five years. Her research was stolen and her work was plagiarized. Now, Judy is back and very active as force to help save us.

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amazing polly

Who Are You Going To Trust?

There are two competing narratives of the Corona Virus Plandemic. One is being pushed by people who are, by my estimation, untrustable. The other side of the story, buried by mainstream media…

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How Was the Plandemic Set Up?

You'll find a lot of information on Corona Naturals about how this pandemic was set up and planned, then politicized and structured to take down the Trump administration. Thankfully, there are more people who are “woke” than not awake. Dr. Buttar is one of them. Listen to what he has to say, then check out our posts from “The Amazing Polly”.

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COVID19 – When Was The Plan Hatched?

Following the Mikovitz video, we will systematically expose every radical progressive power-play that is designed to take ownership of the world and to hold you down. Make no mistake: The radical progressive left hates the American way of life, and they hate you.

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