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Covid Data wrong

90 Percent of COVID Tests Were Wrong!

Most of us have known this all along, but with the millions of us pounding away at the FAKE media for all these months, they are beginning to get the message. According to the New York Times, 90% of the COVID testing was wrong. That means that most of the hysteria and hype around the lockdown was also wrong.

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David Icke

David Icke Takes Them Down!

This video of David Icke was flagged for me by a close friend. It bears watching and watching again and being shared everywhere. I've said it many times before. We are at war and we are going to crush them.

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CDC Throws In the Towel

Patriots on this site have known this for a long time, but finally, the numbers have become just too ubiquitous to squelch. Today the CDC threw in the town on COVID-19. It may take some time for this news to filter down and ruin the day for so many fascist democrats. It is what it is. We told you so.

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Amazing Polly

Polly Shreds Kevin Roose

I have never seen a better researcher than Amazing Polly. She absolutely rocks! Watch her here absolutely shred this idiot reporter, Kevin Roose.

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