Covid The End Game

COVID – The End Game

It was never about health or safety. It has always been about finding a way to control and manipulate populations. Progressives inherently possess a pathological need to exercise power and control over others. This is not an opinion. It is fact. Look at who seeks power in any given political system. I mean, REALLY look. Go back decades. Look at governments, boards, committees, clubs, and organizations.

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How Was the Plandemic Set Up?

You’ll find a lot of information on Corona Naturals about how this pandemic was set up and planned, then politicized and structured to take down the Trump administration. Thankfully, there are more people who are “woke” than not awake. Dr. Buttar is one of them. Listen to what he has to say, then check out our posts from “The Amazing Polly”.

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COVID19 – When Was The Plan Hatched?

Following the Mikovitz video, we will systematically expose every radical progressive power-play that is designed to take ownership of the world and to hold you down. Make no mistake: The radical progressive left hates the American way of life, and they hate you.

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